Growglass Dome Type One 12x16cm

Growglass Dome Type One 12x16cm

Growglass Dome Type One. The first design in the Growglass range, made from glass to keep it securely in place, each Growglass Type One has 5x 2cm holes around the middle and 1x 2cm hole at the top to allow the air to travel through when lowering into the water.

Key Features

  • 2cm holes allows for air to flow through the dome and allows safe passage for small to medium fish
  • The glass dome enhances the light in the tank to boost growth
  • Friendly bacteria can travel in easily and rest on your plants
  • A planted tank will increase oxygen levels
  • Plants help remove Ammonia and Nitrite
  • Keeps your tank looking nice while not detracting from the natural beauty of the plants.
  • Keeps your plants safe from snails such as Mystery snails or Apple snails
  • Provides extra cover for fry.
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